Automation as a service

We don't leave you alone - support and maintenance for your automation

With Automation as a Service, or AaaS, we create sustainable, long-lasting and scalable automations that will last you a long time.






Make automation work for you

Automation should make your life easier, not just more worrisome. That's why we created Automation as a Service, which takes care of support, maintenance and know-how.

  • We take care of the automation, you take care of your business
  • Have the head free for important topics
  • We support you with our premium support around the clock
  • Experience security around your processes and IT

What our customers say about us

Who better to judge our service than our customers.

We were not aware of how much potential there was in our processes. Thanks to the automation provided by wemakefuture, time-consuming and sometimes tedious tasks no longer take up our time. Above all, our customers benefit from this.

Bulent Arslan

Automation saves an enormous amount of time and makes work much more attractive because we no longer have to process so many work steps manually. For us, it means that we have more time for real value creation than for meticulous administrative work.

Ute Sauerländer

With wemakefuture we have found experts who have taken our processes and automations to the next level. Less manual work, stable integrations and focus on customer loyalty.

Sascha Benz
Tom Flowers AG

Wemakefuture helped us in a friendly, professional and unbureaucratic way to put our ideas into practice. We are happy to now have a partner at our side who has created an automation of our processes that is individually expandable through the modular model.

Boris Rogge
Scentia GmbH

With wemakefuture, we have a partner at our side who immediately analyzed and understood our processes in detail. The project implementation was extremely fast and questions and ideas always found an open ear. We hope to be able to implement more automation projects with wemakefuture in the future.

Tobias Auradniczek
StudyAds GbR

After the first meeting with Sebastian, it was clear to us that we had found a competent service provider in wemakefuture, who recognized our business processes and challenges right away. The very cooperative partnership was particularly evident in the fact that questions and problems were addressed and solved within a few hours.

Tom Gaal
BUDDY Sales & Services GmbH

Experience safety

Automation as a Service is our offer to accompany and maintain your automations in the long term. As an automation service provider, we know how deeply cloud automation can be integrated into your business processes. Therefore, it is even more important that all automations work around the clock. Based entirely on your requirements and desired scope, we deliver an automation package that ensures your processes are up and running. So you can focus on what you prefer to do.


A process or automation is only as good as the current technical possibilities make it. And these are changing rapidly and constantly in the current era. That's why we regularly adapt your automations and maintain, update and manage your automations.


Your automations are stuck and you don't know exactly where? Or we have determined that a process is not working properly? No problem. With our 24/7 support, we'll make sure your automations are up and running in no time, making your life easier.


Do you have new ideas that tie in with your previous automations? Or your requirements have changed and you want to meet them? As part of our Automation as a Service, we offer further development so that your automations always remain up-to-date.








Our packages

We offer our Automation as a Service in three packages. The basis is the monthly development hours, which you can use for maintenance, support and development.


10 hours of verified automation expert work.

  • Certified Cloud Automation Experts
  • 10 development hours every month
  • Optimal to give your business more speed
  • Maintenance and support of your automations
  • Perfect for keeping your automations up-to-date


15 hours of verified automation expert work.

  • Certified Cloud Automation Experts
  • 15 development hours every month
  • Optimal for taking your business forward
  • Maintenance, support and further development of your automations
  • Also perfect after a successful automation project


20 hours of verified automation expert work.

  • Certified Cloud Automation Experts
  • 20 development hours every month
  • Ideal for introducing new automations on a regular basis
  • Premium Support 24/7, fast and uncomplicated
  • Perfect if you want to implement new ideas quickly and easily
Unsure which package is right for you?

Automation know-how from 2 to 16 hours

In our training courses, we educate you and inspire you to use automation in your company. We show you automation possibilities and you learn how to find the right solutions.

06 OCT 2021

Short training course

We give our Integromat and Zapier short training course with the key points on how best to get started with automation.

2 hours
250€ plus VAT
15 AUG 2021

Development - Medium

Together we will build the first small automations and show you how you can use them in a corporate context.
Including the previous elements.

4 hours
500€ plus VAT
07 Apri 2021

Development - Tall

Your team builds examples and we work on your processes and basic tools are applied.
Including the previous elements.

8 hours
950€ plus VAT
13 JAN 2021


Together we develop concrete automation concepts and strategies around your specific processes.
Including the previous elements

16 hours
1800€ plus VAT
07 Apri 2021


We are happy to develop individual workshops and training courses for your automation ideas and company processes.

Individual request

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Bulent Arslan

IMAP GmbH, Düsseldorf

"We were not aware of how much potential there was in our processes. Thanks to the automation provided by wemakefuture, time-consuming and sometimes tedious tasks no longer take up our time. This benefits our customers in particular."


You will receive invoices in a variety of ways: By email, by post or by fax. By integrating automation, we can simply scan all emails for invoices and then upload them to accounting. Thus, the invoice chaos is history.


Work on a project basis usually brings a program with it, in which you book your times. An automatic reading of the working hours and a conversion into legally compliant invoice would be ideal, right? This is possible if we automate your agency.

Data maintenance

Your customers' data is probably distributed in different applications: Accounting, CRM, newsletter tool, etc. Therefore, it is essential that this data is identical in all areas, so that no errors occur in the contact maintenance. Through automation, we link all the important tools and free you from manually changing the data.

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Examples of possible automations

A customer books an appointment, an email is sent automatically, after accepting the appointment the customer gets a document which he has to fill out before the appointment. The customer is created in the CRM tool, the invoice is written for the meeting and then the customer gets the terms and conditions and contract, after receiving the signed documents the project starts - and all this automatically. Neither you nor an employee had to do these tasks.

The customers are registered in all tools and then comes the address change, instead of now every single created file in the different areas, you change only once the address and everywhere where the customer still appears the data is updated.

All these are just examples, but these alone free you from tedious tasks and finally give you the space for the really value-adding tasks.

Process automation analysis

How does our Automation as a Service work?

The ideal case is, of course, that we have developed your automations ourselves. If this is not the case, we check at the outset which processes have been integrated, what documentation and development is available and whether any fundamental errors have crept in. We then include you in our service and provide our maintenance and support services. This way, you receive an individual quota for Premium Support every month. We make sure that your processes are running and working for you.

Products Automation pre-built

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